This portfolio is a compilation of the last 6 years of my work as a User Experience/Interaction/UI/Visual/Whatever Designer. Design is all about problem solving. I really enjoy solving all the little problems that sneak up on me while making something. From constant iterations on the whiteboard or paper, to solving a CSS browser compatibility issue. I love every bit of it. If you like what you see here, and would like to contact me, you can email me: grady at grady kelly dot com.

Contest, Mozilla, Concept

This was my entry for the Mozilla Labs Summer Design Challenge, "Reinventing Tabs in the Browser. I won first in the Producible Category, and received Honorable Mention in Execution. Be sure to go to to watch the video produced for the entry.

Web App, Dashboards, GPS

This is "one" becuase there is a "two." This is the first design set for the tiwi pro web app. I am quite proud of how the designs turned out. I was able to work with some very talented Program Managers and Developers.

Soft Phone, Telephony

One of my favorite projects. This is a soft phone application to be used in a call center. It allowed an agent to know who was calling and why, do call functions like transfer and conference. It had some mini reports as well as state management.


Web App, GPS, Dashboard, Security, Admin

This is the more evolved design of the tiwi pro. These comps focus mainly on the some dashboards and settings pages that were used to configure their devices.

Web App, Telephony, Dashboards, Reports

inContact is a SaaS telephone solution. I used to think that Medical apps were complicated. Then I saw Call Center web apps. Wowzers! Everything from Scheduling, Reporting, Call Routing, etc, etc.

Web App, Maps, GPS, Reports

Where tiwi pro was made for fleet vehicles, the tiwi was made for the family. Track where your kids are driving, score how well they are doing based on how they follow the speed limit, even if they kepe their seat belt on! These devices are really cool, and I enjoyed making the interface for them.

Public Website, Concept

While working on the tiwi app, I was asked if I could produce some designs for a public facing website. Here are some of the comps from that endeavor. The designs did not get built due to a time crunch, but they would of looked really nice next to the tiwi pro app!


Personal Project, Concept, Photos

I had this idea a few years ago about being about to tag photos in a more meaningful way. Here is what we came up with. You can actually go to and see the beast that is up there. These are a few of the concept designs. We plan to reboot the project later this year.

Web App, Social

I was able to work with the very nice people at Spectrum DNA on this project a few years ago. It is a nifty idea.

Web App, Medical

One of many medical applications that I have worked on. Medicaity focuses mainly on facilitating lab processing and results delivery.

Web App, Medical

It started with fat people. RemedyMD made an EMR application for Bariatric Surgeons and their patients. Surgeons and Doctors could track patient visits. Patients could journal what they ate and their exercize.

Reports, Charts, Concepts, Stuff

Bunch of different little things. Sitemaps, some IA stuff, marketing, etc.

Personal Project

I really admire David Seah's website. His Printable CEO Series inspired me to do something similar. I wanted to be able to track my tasks, and use some method similar to Scrum to track my day to day tasks publicly with coworkers. I really like how it turned out. I still use them today.



Here is a compilation of logos that I have done over the years. Some are for personal pet projects, some are not.